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Watch, record and download your favourite UK TV channels from anywhere outside the UK.
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All Your Favourite UK TV Channels

Get access to all your favourite UK TV Channels from anywhere outside the UK.

Access all your UK TV in one place

Watch news, entertainment, sports and movies live - as they air - or record them for watching later. Plans start from £7.94 per month - no contract or lock in terms

  • Perfect for expats looking for UK TV Online.
  • Ideal when travelling looking for UK news
  • Never miss your favourite shows
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Access to over 110 of the most popular TV Channels

Select from a wide range of high quality British free to air TV channels and view it in HD quality (where available and subject to individual network limitations).

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Spain: Resident

Your customer support is pure gold.

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Kenya: World Traveller

Very reliable. Great programme content. Useful recording facility. Good price structure. Good technical feedback

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USA: Resident

Absolutely I’d recommend it .... it’s brilliant being able to watch all my favourite shows being an ex-Brit .... and the fast response to any issues you might have is great.

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South Africa: Resident

Lots of live channels but for me the recording facility is great . I appreciate the customer service which is on a more personal level, making you feel that you are not just one amongst thousands of customers, and problems are dealt with asap. I would strongly recommend Transponder TV, particularly to those who, like me, have struggled with VPNs..

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Global: Fly In Fly Out

Brilliant,😊 brilliant,😊 brilliant😊, thanks so much for such an amazing service at such a great price, not only are you fantastic with 116 channels, but also the recording facility is superb. Keep up the great work!

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France: Resident

Transponder TV is the Best service l have found for the channels l Love.

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Spain: Resident

Great selection of channels. Very prompt and professional help.

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Italy: Resident

I do recommend it, all my favorite channels and the ability to record, my only criticism is that the TV Guide is in a very small print, and I have to get up really close to see what's on, it was easier to see before the new version. Other than that great, and customer service is great too. Thanks.

Great features you will love

Great features that make Transponder the worlds favourite way to watch TV.

t: guide

A super simple easy to use TV guide helps you navigate all the best channels to find great shows to watch.

t: record

Don't miss an episode... Upgrade to an advanced plan and set your favorite shows to record so you can watch them next time.

t: support

Our support staff work around the clock and around the globe to ensure you're always front and centre of everything we do.

t: guide

Get a taste of what's on transponder right now and what's coming up next by visiting our guide. Simply grab a free 3 day trial account and get started exploring.

t: support

Use our transponder support service to send your issues or suggestions. We are here to help out anytime: